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50 Best Tips Given By Professional Bloggers to Drive Traffic to a Blog

50Best Tips Given By Professional Bloggers to Drive Traffic to a Blog

50 Best Tips Given By Professional Bloggers to Drive Traffic to a Blog Traffic is always the most important factor in your blogging career. Traffic from any blog or website determines the success of all webmasters and bloggers. No matter how extraordinary your article or content is, if you do not have the traffic to read it or promote it, you should simply waste your time! However, in Pakistan and other undeveloped countries, Professional Bloggers to Drive Traffic to a Blog  it can help drive 30% of your traffic and increase viewership, especially when most bloggers are searching for where their content comes from, manipulating 20%, and using 30% for views. So, after reading the strategies followed by professional bloggers around the world, I present 100 ways that top bloggers in the world use them. You can also increase your blog traffic. Here are the first tips to get good traffic to your blog:

  • 1. Goal Setting:

Before following the rest of the tips, set up your goals and audience first. For example, if your blog does not get targeted traffic from search engines or referral sites, your conversion rate and CTR are too low.

  • 2. Quality issues posted:

The most important tip anyone can easily understand is that you do not need attractive furniture to keep your living room attractive? Likewise, quality blogs also require high quality content. You need to be well researched and detailed enough to allow viewers to trust you and your blog, and you can refer to it later.

  • 3. Post a guest on another blog:

guest-post It is always a good idea to start guest posting. Build HQ back links and increase confidence through the Smart Guest publishing campaign. It is important to get a high back link to get a good Moz rank, and it’s important to bring your own web page to your internal page and now.

  • 4. Comments on other blogs:

comment-box-okcancel This will be new to most of my readers. It is true that commenting helps in many ways. Always show athleticism, visit competitors in the market, read and learn. You can only post comments if they are worth adding, but if you like the post, instead of saying “good post”, please share or like it.

  • 5. Blog Optimization for Search Engines:

People find that SEO surprised one thing, but it’s easier than you think. It’s like a good practice everyone should follow. You have to spend 2 hours to learn SEO and by the end of February. You can handle most of the basic SEO issues. Do not stop learning.

  • 6. Use Trackback

You can take full advantage of the trackback. For example, you can see many of these trackbacks on the Internet, like copyblogger. Increasing your blog traffic will increase your unique visitors.

  • 7. Be an active participant in the forum.

I personally believe in “out of sight – a policy out of mind” and more popularly you gain more trust. Do not forget to actively participate in other forums related to your niche market and include a link to your blog in your signatures. Readers of this forum will benefit you in return for learning more about your case.

  • 8. Write a list

People like to read the best. They want to update themselves. Play with it! Provide list posts such as “best”, “best” posts rather than simple, informative posts for some products or applications. Even if you choose to write, choose the subject wisely and express it better.

  • 9. Top 1o Posts

It’s a good idea to write “Top 10” for the topic you choose to write. The more diversity a post has, the more likely it is that traffic will increase as you talk more about the product.

  • 10. Top 50 Post

As noted in point 9, if you think there is a large content that can not be covered by “Top 10”, search a bit more and go to the “Top 50” posts.

  • 11. Best 100 Posts as in this article

Was there much to share? hurry. Create a “Top 100” post, but it’s a good idea to share the entire post in “Part 1” and “Part 2” and “Part 3” if the post is long enough. In most cases, readers are losing interest among the long posts of the blog. Keep it easy, fun and attractive for your readers.

  • 12. Create a mailing list:

Since the advent of the Internet mailing system, email marketing has become widespread. People can make money by regularly checking their mail and creating a targeted mailing list.

  • 13. Describe how to drive blog traffic.

Professional Bloggers to Drive Traffic to a Blog Share a strategy to help increase your site traffic. Remember that everyone needs people like other bloggers who share traffic and secrets.

  • 14. Try to get the attention of the media:

All of you will know the power of the media, get help and try to get attention. This alone can get a lot of traffic.

  • 15. Write a link bait post.

Link bait” actually means that the post is the type of work that others want to link to. The types of content people want to link are as varied as the types of content available on the web, from pure garbage to learned discussions.

  • 16. Write a tutorial on the tutorial site

There are thousands of tutorial sites where you can create tutorials and get enough of your own blog visitors for one article only.

  • 17. Technology Usage

Submit your blog to Technorati to increase traffic.

  • 18. Joinsecret Blogger Club

Professional Bloggers to Drive Traffic to a Blog This is the place where they retweet and promote each other’s posts. This alone can send considerable traffic.

  • 19. Join the blogging community

Learn from pro blog authors who share their experiences in blogging communities such as MMO social networks and BlogEngage.

  • 20. Blog Pinging

If you need to ping your blog after creating a blog post using a site like pingomatic, some sites may lead to traffic to your blog.

  • 21.

You have to submit your blog to the Blog Carnival which is a great platform to get traffic.

  • 22. Contest Introduction

People always go where they can get things for free. Start a blog contest and get more targeted subscribers. You will usually be surprised at the response to the contest.

  • 23. Creating Your Site – Your Identity

Include your blog URL as a signature in your email.

  • 24. Promote through video production.

If you are artistic enough to create some great videos related to the niche, distribute it to video sites by using services like

  • 25. Using the feed directory

Submit your blog to this feed directory. Deploying your blog posts to other blog posts will increase your traffic.

  • 26. Use the free press release

Another way to promote it is to write a press release on your blog and submit it to the free press release website.

  • 27. Facebook Ads

Social networking widen the reach of many promotional businesses, advertise blogs using Facebook ads, see how many people like it, and get traffic.

  • 28. Advertising on your blog

By this time, we all know the importance of advertising. You can advertise your blog using Google Adwords.

  • 29. Newspaper

Make a little investment and advertise your blog on local newspapers. When your blog name comes to market, your traffic will increase significantly. One example of this is

  • 30. Television

If you have resources, advertise your blog on local TV stations. This can be very productive.

  • 31. Radio

The radio has revived itself and people follow it very often. You can advertise your blog on local radio stations by calling in a live show or completing an organization and trading your blog.

  • 32. Using Twitter

Create a professional Twitter account, find followers, and start using #hashtags to Twitter your blog posts.

  • 33. Online Yellow Pages

Advertise your blog on the online Yellow Pages.

  • 34. Good, tweet, Google+, etc

Always add a social share button to your blog when you start a post. People get more traffic when they share your post.

  • 35. Using Blog Directory

If you are a new blogger submit your blog as well as send some good traffic that can help your blog to the blog directory at first

  • 36. Using the website directory

Submit your posts and articles to the web site directory.

  • 37. Use Article Directory

Submit your posts and articles to the article directory.

  • 38. Write about controversial topics

Most controversial topics are driving traffic the most. For example, Facebook Timeline, Steve Jobs, etc., you have to be very careful with this. It is wise not to write what you do!

  • 39. Google or large business attack

Once your blog exposes you to some sort of rumor or debate, or if the press gets really hot, the media covers it and you are already getting a lot of traffic.

  • 40. Register with DMOZ

DMOZ is a respected directory for Google, and when you’re on the list, you can instantly improve your ranking on Google and other search engines and register yourself to get more traffic.

  • 41. Tag – Most important

Always use tags in your posts. This tag can help drive traffic when a search engine searches for a particular tag you’ve used.

  • 42. yahoo answers

Make your blogs trustable. Answer your questions and use your blog as a source. This will gradually bring you great but permanent traffic.

  • 43. Use Stumbleupon:

Always submit a post to Stumbleupon.

  • 44. Blogger feedback on questions:

Professional Bloggers to Drive Traffic to a Blog Ask the same question from other bloggers and compile all responses into posts. Your post will be the juice of what probloggers advised you to do.

  • 45. Staying – Stay updated:

Read the article for the first time and share it with your readers. Visit the largest blogs like techcrunch to stay up to date.

  • 46. Interview ProBloggers

Professional Bloggers to Drive Traffic to a Blog Through interviews with bloggers who are known to work in niche markets, bloggers are likely to retweet and may be linked to blogs. This way, traffic from your own blog will also come to you.

  • 47. Create a video post

Written articles are common. Try something new, such as video blogging. Blogging is a great way to become one of the hits.

  • 48. Use pictures – Creative

Photos and related images are equivalent to content, and people prefer picture posts rather than long ones. Picture posts, for example, write the 10 most beautiful buildings on the subcontinent.

  • 49. Using Google News

Sign up for your blog on Google News. This opens up the world for you and brings you a considerable amount of followers.

  • 50. Target celebrities

Try connecting your blog with what people want to know. What is more fun for people than entertainers? For example, write a post about a celebrity. I learned about blogging with the death of Steve Jobs. These were the top 50 tips suggested by pro bloggers around the world on how to drive traffic to your blog. Wait for my next post to share the end of the most interesting remaining 50 with you.

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