Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Why Blogging is Still Better than Tumblring in 2018

Why Blogging is Still Better than Tumblring in 2018

Why Blogging is Still Better than Tumblring in 2018 If you have somehow or other relationships with online monetization media that are making money by sharing online content, the trend to discover content sharers with new tools and platforms can change dramatically. As part of a social media promoter, it’s a good idea to always be on the new platform, but if you want to talk about serious business here, tumblr has gained tremendous popularity with blogsphere, but blogging is still better than tumbling in many ways.

Still authentic still fashionable

The vast majority of online demographics, commonly referred to as lack of awareness or lack of awareness, refer to the use of trendy blogs, not ordinary blogs, like Tumblr pages. There is a small group of high-tech innovators, but you are looking for new ideas where you can easily create tumblr pages for yourself. Large companies are still professional websites or serious blogs.

The foundation for all social media moves

Blogging is not a way to keep all Google policies consistent for at least the next three years. This is because people can now become an exciting business to understand blogging ideas and start their careers. As a blogger, you have the privilege to form social media chiefs according to your business requirements, and all that is needed is a relevant plugin. You really need to fill your social media with your blog.

The happiness of organic search traffic

Google, the hero of all search engines to date, often generates organic search traffic. Be very careful with small things because search engines do not induce potential traffic and can face serious penalties for non-experts and immoral movements. But this is definitely another story as far as the blog is concerned. It is ethically good, but sometimes it lacks expertise.

Google AdSense and Money

As with the points above, Google AdSense can be a real ridicule in terms of making money with tumblr. You can apply for an AdSense account for tumblr at any time, but the results are not really what you’d expect from a WordPress blogger’s professional blog. So they have an edge over other forms of content sharing platforms, and frankly, there were a few points about why blogging has a safe future for at least the next five years in the online world.

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