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Why Buying Backlinks is a Poor SEO Strategy in 2018

Why Buying Backlinks is a Poor SEO Strategy in 2018

Why Buying Backlinks is a Poor SEO Strategy in 2018 Money has a real appeal, and publishers can expect anything when they make money online through blogs. We have discussed the importance of backlinks in your blogging career and have emphasized the benefits of external links to your blog for Google search and revenue. Nowadays there are two methods at every stage these days, many of the desperate money makers forget the transient phenomenon by choosing the wrong way to succeed faster. Realizing the importance of bait links from other sites, many bloggers make a purchase online assuming that spending a little money will ultimately be a success. However, if you are wise to investigate before trading, you are in the right place. It’s a good idea to learn the story of a professional blogger and analyze our strategy to avoid buying links to your blog. Otherwise, you will face serious problems.

How important is backlinks?

Buying Backlinks is a Poor SEO are very important because they give publishers plenty of opportunities for new readers to become aware of blogs. If you know this well, then Google seems too sensitive to the strategy you use to get backlinks. For Google, the link is more like a vote to help win the election and rank on Google search.

Why not buy backlinks?

Buying Backlinks is a Poor SEO The most important part about online income business, especially blogging, is getting what you deserve. And thanks to Google, whatever you do to improve your blog’s mechanics, that is, to keep an eye on each and every move you make and to keep yourself off the ropes, revenue is true and legitimate. What few bloggers do not realize is that Google actually puts more weight on links from trusted sources than it seems to be for some time or a fault. Once Google grabs the necklace of bloggers who buy backlinks to increase their income, Google is seriously punishing the site for believing it is an attempt to manipulate the campaign. It’s possible that you’ve heard back the success stories of fellow bloggers who have succeeded by buying backlinks from blogs by providing them with backlinks to their blogs and luckily survived, but because you’ve tried as many as you’ve worked for someone, You must have every opportunity to stop. In short, by taking illegal and immoral motives, you actually take the risk of making money. Part of this practical approach is always a threat to be caught and is itself a disaster.

What is Google’s way of knowing how you purchased a link?

It’s a silly question, is not it? What can you hide from Google these days? People often misinterpret Google’s features and try to play with it and end up suffering. We are wise enough to link the niche and relevance of your links to the links you’ve gained from different sites. For example, if you own a technology blog, you can alert Google Spam teams through links on the Fashion Design website, which will pay you to motivate you. Some backlinks that return money can see thousands of sites. These sites are very disadvantaged and rank very low in Alexa and Google ratings. What’s interesting is that you can also see sites that offer these services and get access to Google’s great books. Conversely, there are thousands of potential criminals that you or you can report to the site you have purchased a link to. Then both of you will be in trouble.

If so, how do you regain the link?

We recognize that getting a bait link to a blog is an essential move for every blogger. It is much healthier for your business if you follow the path designed for it. Try to be interested in the topics you can find. It’s always a good idea to update to the best sites and shares. If your main concern is getting links, spend more time with your supporting materials. In other words, give people the best reason to link. You can always get your name, respect, audience, and followership by creating Infographics or guest blogging Life is trying everything. Business is small. Do not hesitate to take a long journey. It will take you to the right destination until the end of the day.

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