Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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Give a Life to Your Old Posts and Increase Your Page Ranks Make More Money

Give a Life to Your Old Posts and Increase Your Page Ranks Make More Money

Give a Life to Your Old Posts and Increase Your Page Ranks Make More Money Over time, we forget many things, good memories, bad memories and what we have read. Now, from a blogger’s point of view, an article that turns out to be very successful slowly loses its charm over time. A good article is like the property of a blogger that he should always be alive. Recycling real jewelry actually increases page rank. While passing through the hit chapters, I wondered how to keep them current and found some great ways to get more popular for my best shot. Too much devotion to the readers I came here to share what I once learned to get more money and popularity in old posts that had a huge business.

  • 1. Update Reuse Enjoy

Update it. You may think that old posters rarely attract readers. This is true anyway. Now, in an effort to attract a significant amount of traffic, you need to use creative headlines to make efforts to add and re-post some important elements to your old posts.

  • 2. Cross-link your posts

This is what I’m going to do most of the time. Practice connecting older posts from articles that are not too difficult. This is the only way to make sure it’s a related topic. For example, to recycle old posts for “how to make money by writing blog articles”, you can create a new post for “how to increase your blog Increase Your Page Ranks Make More Money by article writing” and place the link in the first post. This will lower the bounce rate for your website.

  • 3. Please use the related posts below.

Have you seen the “Related Posts” widget on a good site? What is it for? Promote an old blog that’s actually related to the actual post that’s actually posted. As we are, if you own multiple authors blogs, you might consider adding more posts through the Creator widget. This will give you more feedback on your previous posts.

  • 4. Use slide show

Slide shows are always eye-catching to visitors. Think about the slide show widget placed in the sidebar. There are many free side-show applications such as Flickr Slideshow. You can also highlight the most popular older posts under the heading “Most Read” or “2012 Most Popular”. Do not forget to connect them.

  • 5. Create a response post

Older articles that were on top of the list with time could be completely unreliable or completely changed. You can then plan what you can write in response to that post. You can define new updates, talk about changes, and refer to posts to highlight the importance of things Nobody can deny the “old gold” strategy and use the best pieces because tomorrow they can do business yesterday. Effective change only if you know what to do tomorrow, what, where, and how.

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