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How to Manage Your Blog in 2018 Ramadan

How To Manage Your Blog in 2018 Ramadan

How To Manage Your Blog in 2018 Ramadan The month of Ramadan has a special meaning for Muslims all over the world. It is the month considered as the month of blessing for mankind. The Muslim believer was fully revealed to the last prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This month’s fasting was prescribed for all Muslims, but during the fasting, many people are sleeping or changing their normal routine while minimizing all that is part of their daily lives. Understanding the layout of the entire Fast according to Muslim beliefs makes it clear that managing a blog in Ramadan is not as simple as another month. It is clear that you can not do everything on a regular schedule when you have to refrain from eating and drinking from dawn until dusk. As a blogger, it is essential to have a proper diet and follow the timeline to ignore other aspects of your life. Considering this difficult lifestyle of the month, it has the following values according to the schedule for Muslim brothers, so you can manage your blog efficiently without compromising your religious customs.

Say hello to the blog at dawn

Muslims begin their meal before the morning break called ‘Sehri’. Following Sunnah (the example of the Holy Prophet (Pbuh)), Muslims wake up early in the morning before the sun rises and begin to eat quickly. But most people sleep again, but later on they know that consciousness is better, so it’s a good idea to start another life activity shortly after the morning prayer. What you can do as a blogger is to decide on a topic at night and write a post the next day. Once you know where to start, you can start writing articles after your religious obligation is finished, until you do not have to leave school, college, or work. This is a time when most family members will be able to settle down and engage in their own things and have complete peace, and it is advantageous to be able to use the right place. Also, since I ate recently, it is fresh enough to enjoy what I do.

Start blogging after sehri

While you will not be able to complete a post as soon as you leave your job, when you complete 70% of the post, the remaining 30% will almost certainly not frustrate you when you regret it. Your fasting. Now this is the most important step all day. In connection with Ramadan, all Muslim countries pay people by the afternoon to reduce their working hours and allow them to return home and rest. Assuming your country is following the same tradition, you will be home by the afternoon. Now you can sleep after offering your afternoon prayers according to your willpower, your country’s climate and the fastest times. Or if you remain incomplete, you can complete the remaining 30%. . Plan it that way and Manage Your Blog in 2018 Ramadan it all at about the end of the hour an hour ago.

Finally the evening your quick break

The family wants physical and mental presence this evening. Finish all missions at least an hour before the fast break time and help the family in your dinner plan. That is, Iftari. If you are a girl, you need to help your mother in the kitchen. Or as a boy, you should help your mother when you eat what you eat at the market. Exclude this time from your profession, as this is in keeping with what the Islamic tradition is.

Start iftaari and start blogging.

Now reopen your computer to give you a quick fix to the post, including quick finishes, evening prayer meetings, posting, scheduling, and more. You’ll also need to check out the appropriate fan page this time. , Blog traffic monitoring, follow-up reply, etc.

What’s next after dinner

Most people who eat a lot of Parisian flies in the evening skip dinner, but if you want to have dinner, you can do it after spending an hour or two on the blogs mentioned above. Now, most Muslims visit the mosque and offer the Isha prayer with Taraweeh. However, the estimate does not exceed two hours. When you get home from the mosque, there are two more hours before you go to bed. Prepare clothes for the next day, listen to lectures, and prepare a bag if you are a student.

Note: Do not forget to decide on a topic for your blog’s next article

Manage Your Blog in 2018 Ramadan is the month of learning to hold on to the desire to please God. After all mandatory work is done, you should go to bed immediately and keep it fresh and healthy enough to observe the next high speed. Try following this schedule if your blog works as well as other activities as normal as possible.

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