Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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Smart Strategies to Decrease Bounce Rate of Your Site in 2018

Smart Strategies to Decrease Bounce Rate Of Your Site in 2018

Smart Strategies to Decrease Bounce Rate Of Your Site in 2018 Bounce Rate is the percentage of site visitors who leave a site viewing a page. A very high bounce rate means that visitors to your site rarely navigate to more than one page of your site.Here are some smart strategies you should use to keep your visitors on your page longer. This strategy can help lower your website’s bounce rate.

  • Use large fonts.

According to Smashing magazine, using a font smaller than 16 pixels can make your website less readable. Your site’s font size should be at least 16 pixels. Your site must also be readable by multiple devices, such as desktop or mobile. Line length, height, and font size must be balanced.

  • Open an external link in a new window or tab.

When you open an external link in the same window or tab, your reader will be away from your site. To keep your site long, open an external link in a new window. However, an internal link can be opened in the same window or tab as if it were pointing to another page on your site. This reduces the bounce rate. If you set all external links within the content to open in a new window, the reader will remain on your site.

  • Link your post.

An internal link is a link to a web page on your site, not an external website. There are 2 or 3 internal links within your posts that will make your readers or visitors interested in your content. This will help you reduce the bounce rate of your blog by reading or opening more than one page. Quick SEO Tips: Try a higher interconnect from your posts. The links in the first two paragraphs of the post will deliver more link juice than the links placed at the bottom of the post.

  • Include speed conflicts.

Making your posts scanable will increase your chances of your readers staying longer on your site and exploring more. What is a speed conflict? Speed bumps are subheadings, bold, italic, etc. that capture your eyes. Important parts can be used as subheadings. Including sub-titles will slow down, stop, and read you.

  • Do good site design.

Simple website design is much better than overwhelming and confusing. Correct color combinations and easy navigation contribute to great site design.

  • Good website design estimates
    Good design reflects the content.
    To make your visitors stay longer with just the site design
    1. Use reactive layout.
    2. Do not place too many ads on the scrollable portion.
    3. Do not use too much text and incorrect formatting.
    4. Use sub-titles and large fonts.
  • Reduce website loading time.

Percentage of users who view a page and then exit (i.e., exit) that page before the page loads” is actually an incorrect definition of Decrease Bounce Rate of Your Site. According to Rigor, if the page does not load, or if the user leaves with a slow page load, the analytics platform will not register the user at all. Only after the website has been loaded will the analysis of the website be started. People who leave your website before the page loads do not register as bounce However, if you want to play games safely, always try to reduce the load time of your website, because people leaving the site before they are loaded are not considered bounces, but the number of readers on the site is definitely reduced.

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