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Top 20 ways to Draw Traffic to Your Blog

Top 20 ways to Draw Traffic to Your Blog

Top 20 ways to Draw Traffic to Your Blog Increasing blog traffic is the goal of every blogger. Whether your main interest is reaching a broad audience or making money on your blog, he needs more traffic for his blog. Blogs need time and effort and should be dedicated to building. But if there is no traffic, it will be a lonely uphill struggle. So you’re running a blog, but are you ever waking up that you have no traffic? What’s going on? This is a common blogger problem. And today, we will show you some great and small ways to increase your blog / website audience.Top 20 ways to Draw Traffic There are many blogs that can give similar information. However, we will guide you step by step, from choosing your platform to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips.

Choosing your platform

Acknowledgment. Most people will pass this step. However, this step is important for people who do not start new or simply want to create another blog. Understand that the blogging platform is not perfect. Every blog has different requirements, so choose the right platform for your blog. Professional bloggers can create their own blogging environment and Content Management System (CMS). However, for new bloggers, platforms such as WordPress and Blogger (etc) are free, so they work normally. You may want to consider the features that these platforms provide. This is  2 topics  that you can start with blog starts to grow rapidly.

The title is everything. It is the first thing a visitor sees in your post. So it must be popular and you need to figure out the attention of your visitors. A phrase like “How To …” catches your eyes. Likewise, use phrases such as “Top 5,” “Top 10,” “Top 101,” and so on. Numbers draw the eye. And give readers a general idea of how long a post will remain. Keep in mind that keywords. They are very important. Keywords are what people type into search engines. The title should contain keywords related to your content. Use the Google Keyword Tool to see which keywords are best for your posts.

3. Pay attention to typography, content layout, and visuals.

Visual material is very important to your post. Your time is precious! That’s why many people tend to skull rather than read the entire post. So capture the gist of your post and create a keyword rich opening paragraph that keeps your readers attention. Write short in the paragraph of the point. Use bullets and numbering where appropriate. This makes it easier to read and capture key points.

4. Adding images and videos

Images are important to your posts. They make your post more interesting. Add an image to the intro paragraph and add additional images if necessary. If relevant, create a video related to your post. Or find a relative video on the Internet and post it on your post. That way, people can watch the video and get tips on not reading the entire post. Also, add an alternate tag to your image. People search for words just like images. So if you have keywords in your image, using the Alt tag increases the likelihood of the image being displayed in someone else’s search results. As a result, traffic increases. Click here for instructions on how to tag images.

5. Create high-quality content

Generate high-quality content Google and other search engines rate the content of your website and use the quality and length to rank your pages. Of course, the higher the ranking, the more traffic you can get. So it’s important to create quality content on your blog. Do research on the subject you want to write. Gathering quality content takes time, but success is only in the dictionary. 🙂 Make our posts on how to make better quality content in less time.

6. Discussion on popular culture

This is a very important but undervalued way to increase traffic. People want to talk about the most recent ones !! No one reads or comment on old news! So always see what is happening now! This will make your blog feel up-to-date and people will be more interested.

7. Show me your authority.

Show me your authority. When writing about something, always write in a way that says you know the subject well. Get into it. For example, if your blog is about cars, talk about the pros and cons of a particular car. Investigate and review yourself. That way, people would think differently if you had not driven the car. But be careful! Do not bluff or exaggerate. Or clean up the wrong information. Because you will be in trouble.

8. Natural conversation, humble conversation

Top 20 ways to Draw Traffic Speak modestly. When writing, keep a natural hue as possible as possible. It’s like communicating with people. Keep expressions naturally and tell everything that comes to your mind. But do not be rude in the process. People respect writers who interact with them in a humble manner and do not boast or insult them in any way. Do not make jokes that can offend everyone’s feelings.

9. Create and maintain some suspense.

It is a good idea to create some curiosity and suspense among your readers. For example, if you provide a tutorial, you can say, “Keep adjusting for the next post (what to do).” This stimulates the reader’s interest, and they can come back for your next post. Therefore, this strategy creates a somewhat regular audience.

10. Other page links

Top 20 ways to Draw Traffic The connection is very important. Make as many links as possible both on your blog and outside. If you have already commented on previous posts, please link to previous posts! This will increase the pageview. You can also connect to external sources whenever you need them.Top 20 ways to Draw Traffic Notice how they relate to other sources to help you better understand something. This will improve page rank. As a result, your traffic will increase over time. You need to tag your posts with the appropriate keywords. This way, readers can easily access relevant posts within the blog. This increases page rank and increases pageviews.

11. The table of contents is helpful.

Whether you have a table of contents on your blog or long posts (such as this one), you can easily navigate to the topics you want. It also provides a general overview of what is included in your blog. When you finish creating posts, you can do many things to improve long-term traffic.

12. Leverage social media!

Top 20 ways to Draw Traffic Because many people are using social media, social media is one of the best ways to drive blog traffic. The main social media sites that help Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube a lot. As we’ve already seen, when a publisher publishes a publisher’s video, the host site of the video, such as YouTube, receives a lot of traffic. Social networking sites are also helpful. Create your blog’s homepage on major sites. You can then easily interact with people and post to hosted social media sites. This means you do not have to visit your blog all the time, because you can use all the information and updates yourself. This does not immediately increase your traffic, but it does create a fan base. Fans can promote your blog, so it’s steadily growing over time.

13. Guest Blogging

Invite other bloggers to write! Write your posts in turn as guests! This strategy will come to people from other blogs to see your blog. It will also increase your post frequency and therefore improve page rank.

14. Interaction in networks and forums

Top 20 ways to Draw Traffic Interaction in the forums comes from this method, which is a big chunk of the audience. And since no one knows the blog from scratch, it’s one of the best ways to start a new blog. If you join a forum like the Blogger forum, people will follow you. Whenever you post a comment, add your blog URL as a signature so that the URL appears next to your name. People will then click on the URL to visit their blog. Share your posts on social media pages as well as in forums. Search for people asking for help related to what you know. Help them by referring them to your blog. And it never hurts to ask your friends to spread their blog around.

15. Create Back

Create backlinks Increase backlinks! A back link is a blog / website link on another website. You can increase them by participating in forums. There are other websites that can help you but you should return the favor. So choose reputable sites linked to your blog because reputation depends on it. Check some websites like linkreferral. You can also check the number of backlinks on the Backlink Checker website.

16. Use your advertising carefully.

We saw many novice bloggers posting ads after some posts. This is a common mistake and do not do it! At least from the start. If you initially post an ad, your blog’s reputation will be compromised. I think people are another amateur blog that wants to make money. Therefore, your traffic may be hurt. All you have to do is wait for a significant amount of traffic. If so, it’s a good time to upload your ad. If you have a lot of traffic, you’ll get good ads. So you can make more money than to start an ad with less traffic.

17. Post frequency and timing

Post timing is important. Frequency is very important. The higher the frequency, the faster your blog grows. For most bloggers, at least two posts per day are recommended. Timing is very important. You need to identify when you will receive most of your traffic. Then record your time appropriately. For example, if most of your time occurs at 9:00 AM, schedule your post at 8:30 PM. Otherwise people will miss the latest posts and lose interest in the blog.

18. Brand Blog!

Brand your blog. Yes. Yes. Build your own brand! Customize your blog and create your own identity! Make a logo or icon or some kind of thing. Then it will look professional and people will recognize your blog as an icon. For example, who can not identify the Facebook logo here? Would you like to see the point? People will remember your blog that way and come back.

19. Learn and apply SEO.

Yes, SEO needs time. That is not the case. There is a need to learn. Then we need to keep up to date with the latest changes and methods because Google has changed at least a couple of times a year and is not static. This is essential to increase blog traffic. This may mean optimizing your blog’s graphics, titles, and tags. For the best results, spend time researching each keyword. Make sure your blog is found using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins and URLs.

20. Traffic Monitoring

Top 20 ways to Draw Traffic Please refer to the most viewed articles. Improve them and update them. You can also add features to your blog and create links from other posts. As mentioned earlier, I take time to post. Post more posts on high traffic days (such as weekends). Post with the most watch time. This is not everything you need to increase traffic. But these are some of the most popular and effective methods. Hopefully, you’ve learned from them and will apply them to your own blog. And if you have any problems, ask me anytime. We have an obligation to help.

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