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Top Desktop Blogging Tools that Will Help you with your Blog Writing in 2018

Top Desktop Blogging Tools that Will Help you with your Blog Writing in 2018

Top Desktop Blogging Tools that Will Help you with your Blog Writing in 2018 If you have been writing for a while with blogging or freelance, you can see how busy bloggers are. It seems that the work does not stop from the article to the continuous maintenance. You wanted to have more time to do everything. But the real problem is not in excess of the work. It is in time management that many people do not pay attention. If you are a regular blogger and want to maximize your time by optimizing your throughput, you may be interested in some desktop blogging tools that help you create blogs by automating some processes, or you might be able to help manage your blog.

  • Windows Live Writer

If Windows Live Writer is not installed, the blogger’s Windows PC will not complete! It is a very solid tool that comes with the Windows Live Essentials toolkit. It is also a very powerful word processor using many editing tools provided by Microsoft Word. It also provides advanced Blogging Tools that Will Help you with your Blog that you can not import from your blog’s post editor, such as tables, graphs, pie charts, and bar graphs. All blogging platforms and themes / templates can be installed and set up. Create posts in the same style and preview them on your PC. In fact, it is a complete blogging software that does not require you to log in to your blog’s dashboard for blogging.

  • BlogDesk

Another pretty desktop software for bloggers. This is for the professional because the interface is minimal. But that does not mean it is not lacking. This means that images do not have drag-and-drop functionality, but there are auto-tag generators, the most commonly used Frases tool for reusing text snippets, and much more. . I really like this tool. Although you are a fan of coding HTML instead of coding HTML, I recommend this great WYSIWYG editor to all bloggers.

  • The deepest caller

Looking for something more manageable than a full desktop application? Instead, try this great Firefox extension. A small but useful app that allows you to quickly summarize ideas, drafts, and final posts while browsing. Like what you are reading now? Use the shortcut buttons to quickly start this extension and start typing! You do not need to open a new tab to do this.

  • Ecto

Not a Windows user? Well, I do not blame you. And if you use a Mac, there is a solution. Ecto has a pretty smooth interface and almost everything you need for desktop blogging software. One of the best things I like is the multiple blogging profiles you can set up and operate at the same time.

  • Thingamablog

Blogging Tools that Will Help you with your Blog is another popular desktop blogging client. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. A standalone application that lets you set up, manage, and update multiple blogs on your desktop. In fact, you have the option to post blog entries via email Thingamablog has an integrated feed reader to get new ideas and post themes.
So did you like this collection? What other blogging software are you using? Leave your comments in the comments section below!

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