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Top Important to do Things Before Posting an Article on Blog in 2018

Top Important to do Things Before Posting an Article on Blog in 2018

Top Important to do Things Before Posting an Article on Blog in 2018 Actual bloggers are busy people. In order to continue to provide reason why readers should sell blogs along with the online import business to be cared for, they are certainly one of the most dedicated workers to take care of their own business. If you are a blogger and want to create a blog with your basic career, you need to understand the specific principles of this domain. Creating a blog, choosing a template, and getting a hosting domain is definitely the first few basic steps, but it’s important to make sure that there’s still a long way to go, no matter how beautiful your blog is. Today’s briefing is to show you the skills you need to have as a monopoly in your business after you have chosen a topic for your post and have written it effectively Forgetting what novice bloggers often need to take care of is an essential pre-publication step to making posts that readers want to see. There are six important things to do before posting an article on your blog (at least you should check it out).

Follow the correct format.

Regardless of which platform you choose, the text editor on the site you choose for your blog is not for professional bloggers. Bloggers will surely switch to the Windows Live Writer alternative. Yes, this application from Microsoft fairly handles the requirements of a professional blog. Once you’ve finished creating your post, you’ll need to organize your content according to the format introduced to your readers. That is, you must provide each tag in the heading and subheading to follow the pattern. What most bloggers do is sort the content and do not “justify” the paragraph, so it keeps its appearance. Always remember that the reader recognizes what he has shown. The clean view gives you a clean impression.

Correct your content

You do not need to elaborate on this, but it’s important to mention the importance of proofreading Important to do Things Before Posting an Article on Blog posting to your blog. I know that writing about 2,000 words a day makes you an incomplete typist with infinite spelling errors, and often skips punctuation. But whether I do it or not, the result is almost the same. In other words, we will judge us and use our words to lose valuable readers. Make a habit of spending at least ten minutes reading your written content after you finish writing.

Keep relevance when selecting photos

I left this page after reading the title only if there was an image of a salesperson selling a T-shirt labeled ‘Add me to Facebook’. It is clear that the reader has everything, and in this process one of the main contributors is the image and caption of the video they chose to support the content. Always choose relevant images that perfectly match the theme of your article.

Find keywords

Google Analytics and search engines are keyword-oriented. Stay in the position of potential readers. Think about what potential visitors would type in their search engine and use the first word in the title. Keywords play a very Important to do Things Before Posting an Article on Blog role in attracting readers to your blog. Use simple words that humans can understand. Be sure you have a good vocabulary, but make sure you do not provide English papers; It is a serious business here!

Permanent link setting

A link in your blog post. It can be used as an ID card for your post. Your blog has a default permalink. But it is good practice to edit it and make it reasonable.

Preview the post

It is visually calibrated. Sometimes the human eye skips a small mistake, but when it is posted they attract enough attention to catch the bad name for you. Always review before posting. These were the six simple things you should adopt and include them in your blog schedule. They make a difference, try it!

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