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Top SEO Mistakes That Affect Traffic of the Blog in 2018

Top SEO Mistakes That Affect Traffic of the Blog in 2018

Top SEO Mistakes That Affect Traffic of the Blog in 2018 If you are looking to earn a reasonably huge online business earn through your business, you need to learn how important SEO management is to your blog. Search engine optimization is the key to making your blog Google friendly so that search engines can direct traffic to your blog. We discussed SEO tips to make sure readers do not notice anything, and we looked at five SEO errors that bloggers often committed.

counterfeit goods

Counterfeiters are difficult to imagine, invent creative words that fit the subject, but it’s much easier to plagiarize and lend the same article to your website. What you can not see is that you hurt your own image and raise a potential baby to drop your site from search engines. Even if you rewrite articles, bring positive changes that will give you a new identity, rather than look like a summary of the previous article.

Inappropriate Keywords

The keywords saturationWhat mean the article and make it public because the word reflects the article when you enter certain words into the search engine. It is often a key factor to be ignored, and SEO Mistakes That Affect Traffic lack the words that best describe the reader. It took me a few hours to create new ideas to search and create articles, but it takes about 15 minutes to write words that can work hard. If you think you can not find the word you’re looking for, you can use the keyword tool, Google Keyword Tool, to research your keywords and deliver your articles to target audiences.

No analysis was done.

Spend keyword search time and see if your ratings are getting lower. I tried to spend more time writing to make better articles, but still seem useless? The only answer to your simple problem is that there is a gold tip, “site maintenance”. It can take several hours to write, but it takes a few minutes to see what the audience has suggested and suggested about the content you’re posting. Sometimes we believe we are doing our best, but we do not realize it. We are not the kind of person we like. Let subscribers criticize, comment, and use these opinions in a constructive way to bring positive changes and improvements when needed. This little tip will save you time to write great articles with similar mistakes.

Unnecessary words

This is not the case now, although some writers that do not bother typing keywords fill keywords in the search engine for increasing the obvious chances. Smart and prominent words perform your job or a search engine penalizes your website. Work to the quality of the article, not the amount of unnecessary words.

Using the Black Hat technique

Violating rules and regulations can cause search engine users to unethically express content in other visual or non-visual ways, making it difficult to obtain higher search rankings. While these technologies benefit in terms of ranking in the short term, there is a risk that they will be disadvantaged by search engines if they are found using such spam techniques on a website. Do not go to the trail where you want to make less effort and get quick results. Be honest with what you do and you will see positive results.

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