Top Useful Backlink Analysis Tools for better Website Ranking in 2018

Top Useful Backlink Analysis Tools for better Website Ranking in 2018 Because Google constantly changes algorithms to improve the user’s search experience, the search rankings of websites often move up and down. Now Google claims to have more than 200 elements working together to determine how well your website will work, but one of the biggest factors is your backlink profile, which helps you determine your promotion. Which determines the crawl and index rate of your website. How can I improve my ranking and crawling / indexing speed? Of course by analyzing your backlink profile! There is a list of the top five backlink analysis tools that can take the necessary actions to analyze, refine, and optimize your backlink profiles.

Google Fusion Tables

  • This is not an existing Useful Backlinks Analysis Tools for Better Website Ranking . It’s still in the experimental phase, but it’s a great tool for visualizing
  • your data and checking relationships between various sites or data sources. With Google Fusion Tables, you can.
  • Upload smaller or larger data sets from a spreadsheet or CSV file.
  • Visualize your data on maps, timelines, and charts.
  • Select who can access your data. If necessary, part of the data is hidden.
  • Merges data from multiple tables.
  • Discuss the data with others. Track changes and discussions.

Open Site Explorer

Moz’s Open Site Explorer is another great tool that bloggers and webmasters are increasingly using to analyze backlink data. Open Site Explorer displays page permissions and domain permissions for the URLs you want to analyze. You can also view all of the Useful Backlinks Analysis Tools for Better Website Ranking to your page, along with the domain and page permissions of individual link pages, so you can see what backlinks are low on and what you need.

Yandex Webmaster Tools

Useful Backlinks Analysis Tools for Better Website Ranking Russian search engines are often ignored by both users and webmasters. Nevertheless, it is a fairly accurate and accurate toolkit with many useful features in the dashboard, including very accurate backlink reporting. Another advantage is that it provides an easier API to export data to other services.


SEOkicks is a German tool that claims to have about 42 billion URLs. It’s really easy to use and I really like the ability to export it to CSV immediately. The data set includes the domain’s IP address and Moz’s domain permission metrics. The only drawback of this tool is that it is completely written in German. You may need to use an online translator to get the full experience.

Crab pie

Like Google’s Fusion Tables, Gephi is a great way to dramatically visualize your backlink profiles. This tool is designed to draw graphs, making it an ideal solution for network and link relationships. One of the cool aspects of visualization is that you can display link connections and other metrics at the same time.

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