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Use Notice Boxes Plugin For WordPress to Style Your Posts

Use Notice Boxes Plugin For WordPress to Style Your Posts

Use Notice Boxes Plugin For WordPress to Style Your Posts Are you bored by looking at the same content style in your posts over and over again? Is not the default format too monotonous? Well, there is a chance, you are suffering the same pain, maybe you are intense! Fortunately, I am lucky. You can change the post style using popular WordPress plugins such as the notification box.

Note: This is a rough draft and should be twisted slightly before it is published.

  • What is a notice box.

The Announcement Box is a free plug-in from the WordPress repo that creates a post-styling part of the cake. The advantage of this plug-in is that there are too many style boxes to customize paragraph styles. Common style boxes such as Note, Alert, Important, and Windows have images on the left. In addition, there are additional style boxes like Android, Google, Chat, Arrow, Refresh, Google Plus, Facebook, Angry Birds, and Downloads. Provides a diversified opportunity to add more creativity to style paragraphs and add style boxes.

Especially for technical blogs, this plugin is very useful for adding different level styles and viewing blog posts. It also helps you scan more posts. If you use social media sites to drive traffic to your website, posting formatting and posting styling are one of many reasons why users stick with or leave your site. Blog design is one of the reasons why it is so easy to read content, styling paragraphs, or emphasizing important text in blog posts, which helps lower bounce rates and get more information.

In general, my idea of using this plugin is to highlight an important part of the post, such as a download link or link that requires a better clickthrough rate (CTR). If you are a regular user on ShoutMeLoud, you can see that Harsh has done the same thing for a long time, and you can see the example above, as mentioned above. Another advantage of this plug-in is that you have the option to include the image on both sides of the style box and center the text. If you know CSS, you can customize the plugin image or box color as needed.

  • How to use the notification box

This Use Notice Boxes Plugin For WordPress should be used in a somewhat odd way! I am sure all readers here are techno geeks and will be able to implement this on their blog without hassle. This command was used to create the same box as the first image. Now I think you understand that you need to add text to the text area and use the tags of the boxes you want. After installing the HTML view and plugin, you need to enter these codes.

  • For example, in this case,

You need to add the following code.
<p class = note> Demo Text </ p>

Using the notification box is very easy. Little or no programming knowledge is required. You should however have some experience using WordPress. Thanks Mark for helping us explain this plug-in’s usage and then sending us the guide. He said:
guide :
In the WordPress Editor, select the HTML tab.
Locate the location where you want to insert the notification box. Insert a blank line where you want the notification box. Now select the notification box that you want. For example, “Warning” displays preconfigured colors, borders, and icons.

Now type this (or copy & paste).

<p class = “alert”> Your text here </ p>
Copy the above code only in HTML mode. Now update and view your posts / pages.
That’s it! Tip – To change the graphic, look for a graphic PNG file of MAX 38 x 38 pixels. Rename it to “alert.png”. Using FTP, go to the Images subfolder under the website’s plug-in. Rename the existing alert.pdg to alert1.png. Now upload the new graphic and run the webpage with the notification box again.

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