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How to publish a Book on Amazon Kindle Books

How to publish a Book on Amazon Kindle Books
Written by Shahzad Memon

How to publish a Book on Amazon Kindle Books before that we that. Are you a keen writer, a professional blogger, or someone who conveys something special and wants to make a living through writing, but does not have the resources to present your work? The Amazon Kindle is a good choice for you. Follow the full guide to how to publish eBooks on Amazon Kindle. You can Read As well watch the  video step by step.

Watch the video that How to publish a Book on Amazon kindle books step by step

Amazon kindle books crackling

  • Why choose Amazon Kindle?

The reason is obvious. You do not have to worry about publishers. With the help of user-friendly software, you can become the author of “Masterpiece” by writing a book in Notepad.

The online stadium made it all easier. Whether your research is related to research, or if you want to communicate effectively with people, it’s easier than ever.

Benefits of writing an ebook You can see the first writer and the millionaire. If you have something special to say, it is not a bad choice to try your luck in your career. Amazon Kindle is powered by eBooks. So you do not have to worry about publishing costs. Every time you sell a book, you get a percentage. So turn your writing into a profitable job.

From Amazon kindle books how much can be earned?

Results vary widely from a minimum dollar to a maximum of millions of dollars. People like Kyle Taylor (owner of Penny Hoarder) and Stefan Pylarinos (Entrepreneur) can earn 6 digits in one book. A decent writer, on the other hand, can earn $ 100-30 million a month depending on the subject he or she chooses to write along with the effort to promote his work.

Establish authority. In all areas of life, especially on the Internet, “authority” is everything. Whether you are a blogger, a fitness trainer, or an expert in other fields, what is more special than rest?

Your Amazon kindle books title with your name attached to your bio that defines your authority in the field. Maybe you have not been able to prove that your book is beneficial to you, but it’s still about the charm you call an “author” worth the effort.

Begin writing a book. First, you must have an irresistible idea of working in an arsenal. You need to have something special to let people know what you do not know about the field of expertise that you own and have worked in the field for years.

Your reputation of Amazon kindle books are standing in line. For that reason, you should not think of starting a book without thinking about attracting attention and attention. Think of something special that you want to convey. It can be anything but original, valuable and worthy of the reader.

Book title What do you want to read every time you search for frugal things?

A book title with an image in the mind of the viewer. It is worth the time to read or read the book. You can comfortably say that the title could be the winner or the loser of all your efforts. According to many writing legends, “Spend a lot of time thinking about the title as you write the whole book”. Try to make your title unique and attractive, but true at the same time, using the old strategy that has been working well for years. Do not deceive people with your title as you are against your favor.

Cover of e-book as humans, we tend to judge everything through imagination. E-book covers play an important role here. As a reader who surfs on Amazon Kindle, you have a choice of 1,000 selections. Catched book covers tend to stop scrolling down to attract attention. This is what makes the difference.

If you do not want to deceive your readers by marking the covers unrelated to the subject of the book, choose a book cover wisely and remember it logically.

The length of the e-book

Before writing a book, keep in mind the length of the book. In today’s world, people do not spend a lot of time reading thousands of pages of boring pages. They have a piece of tons to read them all over. They like and respect the people they point to rather than those who love to hit the bushes.

So make your book as short as possible. A book of 15000+ words is enough to express the whole idea and keep people from falling into it. Use the power of words. Motivational things that open your eyes.

Writing with Appropriate Facts and Research

For your understanding, please wear your own shoes. Perhaps it will inspire you and is backed by unfounded facts, research, and evidence?

The Internet provides a large amount of data. In order to verify authenticity, we are going to find true evidence of whatever human nature.

There is a tendency to make the source public as much as possible while writing. Be supportive of research and other evidence if you have begun to dispute. Try to research and connect with your claim. This will make it easier to gain people’s trust. People will begin to believe that what they are reading is from a genuine source.

To publish a Book on Amazon Kindle Books

It’s time to publish your work on Amazon Kindle after you have made all the efforts to make the book. The operation can be done in 5 simple steps.

1. Go to and fill out the following page. Please also register your tax information for royalties.

2. Go to “Bookshelf”. The page appears.

3. Fill out the form that contains the book’s primary language, book title, book’s keywords (the words you typed in the search box associated with the book title), description, author name, and more.

4. Upload the cover page of the e-book (JPEG format) and upload the book file. Please fill out the other required requirements. Scroll down and click Save and Continue.

5. The next page is about book pricing. Select the “Worldwide Rights” option. Stick to a 60% to 70% royalty rate and choose the price you’d like to charge for the book (it’s okay to keep $ 5 to $ 7). Recheck all the data and click the “Save and Publish” option.

The entire process is complete here. Amazon will take 24 to 48 hours to publish your books and we will notify you via email. In the meantime, you can prepare to promote your book.

E-book promotion

If you skip this promotion of Amazon kindle books all your efforts will be wasted. You can not sell to anyone without notifying the book. Build a blending strategy that includes both online and offline to promote your book.

Use social media and other online forums to find people interested in your books. Answer your questions, participate in discussions, and establish your presence through feedback.

At the same time, talk to other people around you (your friends, relatives, people you meet in your daily life) about your book. Make every effort to find potential customers offline.


Finally, write your soul to make your work special. Your work is expressed in your words. The words you use can raise your average idea and even cool down your purest project.

For a successful business, you have to try every other strategy to bring people into the product. The results do not appear overnight, so you need self-confidence and inner calmness. And it all drives you out of your passion. So the essence can do everything from your heart.

Whatever you do, giving your soul guarantees success. Any question or help feel free to ask in comments.

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