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How to Use/Create Paypal in Pakistan

Paypal in Pakistan
Written by Shahzad Memon

How to use/create Paypal in Pakistan 2017

Paypal in Pakistan prohibited not allowed but we have mentions tips around here that will help you. Well paypal is an online wallet that is widely used worldwide for international transactions. Unfortunately, Pakistan is not one of the countries that are supported by Paypal, and it is a big problem for Pakistan freelancers and online business. If you have a great online opportunity and the only way to block your route is to use Paypal in Pakistan please do not worry right now. You can configure a PayPal account for use in Pakistan by following the simple instructions below.

Watch Paypal in Pakistan & Guideline

Necessity is the mother of invention. Every time someone felt the need for something in their life, they invented it. We live in an advanced age where nothing is impossible. Payoneer is another company, such as Paypal, who provides People with a free US account number for online transactions. We can not use Pakistani bank information because Pakistanis can create Paypal accounts, but they are not accepted. What about the US ban provided by Payoneer? Is not it great? Wait, if you think you are long, expensive, time consuming, trust me. Therefore, to use Paypal in Pakistan. your Payoneer account must be active. If you have it, it’s great.

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1 Open and create an account using a simple step by step procedure. You do not need to create an account with a name or address. However, make sure you use your own email address.

2 Use fakenamegenerator .com to create a fake account in Paypal by choosing your name, date of birth, address, and all the necessary details. Do not go to the United States because you will be asked to enter a state tax number or SSN for the American people. UK, Canada, Australia, and Russia.

3 Once you have created your account, you will be asked to confirm it via email. Once you confirm this, your account will be available. However, you will not be able to use that account until you add a payment method.

4 There are two payment methods that allow you to add either a four-card or an account. Select your bank account and enter the details of a US bank account provided by Payoneer. Here’s a detailed way to do this:

Go to the Payoneer portal and click United States Payments.

After clicking, you can see your bank name, bank account number, account number and account transfer. Now go to Paypal and add your bank account to your payment account. You will be asked to enter your bank name, bank account number, return number, and account name. Here, use the details provided by Payoneer and click “Add Method”.

5 Once you do that, PayPal will ask you to wait two or three days to confirm your payment method. In the meantime, Paypal sends two small amounts to your Payoneer bank account. It will take 2-3 days. Payoneer must be verified to verify that you have received the funds from PayPal. Make a note of the amount exactly after you receive it. I received $ 0.98 and $ 2.02.

6 Once you have received the amount, please log in to Paypal. You’ll see an “Account verification” button on your main home page. Click the appropriate button. & go to the page to enter two amounts. Enter the amount exactly as it is and click OK.

7 If everything went well, your account will be confirmed immediately and you will have the privilege of having a PayPal account in Pakistan.

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