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How to Earn Through Fiverr 2017

Written by Shahzad Memon

Are you Looking For How to Earn Through Fiverr 2017

Fiverr is an online earning and technology sales platform. Like any other freelance website, it’s a special kind of website that says “anything for $ 5.” People around the world can register their account and buy or sell technology or services for $ 5. You can write articles. How to earn through Fiverr need to have before you must know that you can create presentations, translate articles, test software, sing songs, or do anything you can which you in better.

Price can not exceed $ 5. Once you open an account, you can not only post job information called “GIG”, but you can also buy other equipment from other people. It is a great platform for online income and customer profile creation. This article describes how to publish GIG and start selling it on Fiverr.

Go to Fiverr .com Register your account here and register. You can also connect via Facebook.

how to Earn Through Fiverr 2017

Here you can provide all the details you need and complete your profile. Include a professional introduction to your technology and highlight your strengths.

Under your name in the top right corner, you’ll see a “Request performance” option. It is a place where you can tell your requirements and ask the user to send your performance. Once you ask for a performance, in a very short time you will see performances of other people and companies about their services. There are various categories such as writing, voice over, programming. If you want to purchase a service or want to see how people represent your performance, you can explore this area.

You will see the option “My Sales” below that option.

Earn Through Fiverr 2017

Now this is where you can create, sell, and see your online revenues. To publish GIG, go to Create GIG. You will see something similar. Remember. All bids start at “will” and end at $ 5. Likewise, I would write an amazing article for $ 5 or “make a two-minute video.” Please upload a photo and write a description. You can charge if you are a product or need to ship. You can also create special training for buyers and add add-ons. For example, if you post a show that says you will write an amazing 500 word article for $ 5, you can add it. You can go up to 700 words for an additional amount.

“MY sales” has another option called “BUYERS REQUESTS”. This is the best place to contact buyers. These are others GIG requests (discussed at point 4). They are updated every minute and can request and send related requests.

Once the buyer sees the show, they can place an order and receive a notification via email as well as a message from fiverr. As soon as you see the message, you can communicate with the wit client via the FIVERR message. It is not permitted to share Skype IDs or emails or attempt to trade outside of FIVERR.

Once the performance is complete and delivered, you will receive a payment from FIVERR Wallet and you will see it on the “Revenue” tab of the “Sales” tab. There are two ways to withdraw this payment. One is Paypal and the other is actually a Payoneer card, the Fiverr Revenue card.

Even if you do not have this card, you can get a free Payoneer card in Pakistan without any problem. As I wrote earlier, I see how to get a free Payoneer card from Pakistan.

If you are worried that Paypal is not working in Pakistan. Do not blame Pakistan. Pakistan It is possible to operate a Paypal account in Pakistan. My previous article See how to get a Paypal account in Pakistan.

You can find out more by browsing FIVERR as much as possible. Trust me that way.

Any kind of help or guidance is free to send me a message or leave a comment. I will soon come to you again. Do not forget to share it with your friends. Subscribe If your post is useful, subscribe. Tomorrow I come up with another good way of earning income.

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