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How to Turn Your Blogging Hobby Into Career

blogging hobby into career
Written by Shahzad Memon

Turn Your Blogging Hobby Into Career the blogger world

  • Do you have a blog?

blogging hobby into career perhaps you can leave a travel record, report an industry problem, or share a trend with the world. Blogging can help you find a hobby, build a brand, or find a career/job on your resume.

  • Did you know that it could be a job?

The vast majority of blogs are personal platforms, but Technorati estimates that 39% of bloggers do it for money. Hubspot also reports that as companies convert their marketing dollars into blogging and social media, contractors, freelancers, or full-time employees are creating opportunities for blogging on a monthly basis.

So how do you blog for others in your blogger? It is a good starting point to show and build your skills through your personal blog.  to turn your hobby into a career  here are some points to know key  you will need.

To change blogging hobby into career must you know your blog

If you do not already have a blog, please create an inventory for your blog. What are your niche markets and demographics? What strategies have you used to announce your blog? How do you plan and organize your content? By recording your success as a blogger, you can identify what you can bring to your company strategy and help you figure out how to write your resume. Similarly, pointing to areas that can grow can show you what you need to focus on improving your blogging skills.

Get Attention into blogging hobby

As you know blogging is not just about writing, it is about letting other people read your writing. In the blogosphere, it takes effort, but it is the core technology that employers want. So, share your personal blog with other bloggers, join social networks and participate in industry or blogger events. If you are aware that blogs are in handmade goat cheese mini niches, you are doing the right thing and talking in a job interview is a great story.


In addition to creating your own blog (on a regular basis), you can gain external credibility by contributing to other blogs and publications. This not only improves your writing skills, but it also helps you to get your name on the blog world and make new contacts. Since many blogs take contributors or guest posts, start with what you know. If you’re writing a food blog, make sure you have a guest post for another food blogger and then send a family-friendly recipe to your family blog.

Diversify your skills

The best blogs have more than just words. This includes high-quality visuals, attractive layouts, creative content, and interactive features. Think about other techniques you can bring to the table in addition to writing, such as photography, design or technical skills. If you do not have it yet? Choose one and develop using your own blog. Instead of using Creative Commons licensed images, you can take your own pictures or customize your headers. Developing a variety of skills, from coding to graphic design to video production, you can get a much bigger boost than other blogging candidates.

Apply blogging hobby into career

Once you enhance your blogging resume, the process of finding your corporate blogging rankings is not much different from finding other new jobs with a few exceptions. First, check your communication, marketing, and other related keywords as “bloggers” may not always be included in your position. (Be sure to start with ProBlogger, Media Bistro and Freelance Writing Jobs, as many blogging tasks will be posted on specialized or writing-oriented sites.)

Next, consider your part-time blogging ranking. Not all companies have the money to devote full time bloggers, especially during the start. Consider moistening your feet and getting experience through part-time or freelance positions.

Finally, make sure your blog is ordered (the first thing your employer will do is click on the link). And demonstrate your ingenuity, passion and writing skills with your cover words. After all, it’s what future employers do.

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