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how to Start Freelancing in pakistan

how to start freelancing in pakistan
Written by Shahzad Memon

Well how I  started freelancing in Pakistan

I started freelance a year ago on fiverr. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to earn a good amount and make wonderful friends around the world me. Well, I decided to teach freelancers to all my friends. Through this Video you will see How to Turn Your Blogging Hobby Into Career all the ways to become a good freelancer in Pakistan. Freelancing in pakistan easy all you have to do is ‘never give up’ and keep improving. That’s how you can stand for freelancing

Who is a freelancer?

Freelancer is self-employed. There is a misconception that people working online are freelancers. There is a difference between online work and freelancer. Freelancers can be online or online. It’s just a concept of working for people who are not part of the company.

Worldwide or Online Freelancing in pakistan

There are several websites on the Internet where you can find jobs for people all over the world. Very similar to, which is very common. A Web that allows people to register as a client (person hire) or a freelancer (someone who performs a client’s job), as all sellers post goods to sell on their website and buyers negotiate rates and negotiate rates There is a site.

Free lancing platform

There are many platforms for freelancers such as,,,, and, but recently two big platforms joined into one platform I did. Elance and oDesk are now one large platform with the name

In this tutorial. We will learn about Pakistan’s freelance through strikes.


Who can become a freelancer?

The purpose of this training is to create awareness of freelancers for the Pakistani people. There are a few things about freelance that you should know

Anyone can become a freelancer.

There is no discrimination in age, education, caste, color and technology.
Freelancers are not only meaningful to IT people,  but doctors and lawyers have more than IT staff on this website.
You do not have to use perfect English to complete the project. Customer understands that English is not your first language and you will never judge you. However, you can not write in English, which is not good at English. Therefore, it depends on the type of job and is all set. Anyone who thinks he is not good can be a really good freelancer. If you use your phone, use Facebook, or know how to navigate, no one can really help you become a great freelance.

What kind of work is possible in freelancing

You can get a variety of jobs all over the world. If you use French, Dutch, Arabic, or Russian, you have an equal opportunity to get a project in your local language. Pakistani citizens can easily find Urdu jobs.

Below is a list of occupations.

  1. Web, Mobile and Software Development
  2. Design and Creation
  3. Writing contents
  4. Sales and Marketing
  5. Administrator Support
  6. IT and Networking
  7. Translation
  8. Engineering and Architecture
  9. customer service
  10. Accounting & Consulting
  11. Data scientists and analysts
  12. legal

Responsibilities as a freelancer in Pakistan

Why responsibilities Freelancing in Pakistan every job you complete will leave feedback on your profile. It is your responsibility to maintain good feedback on your profile so that more people can trust you and your skills. Remember that you have to be honest with your customers and always represent Pakistan in the world market.

By becoming a freelancer, you can communicate directly with people in other countries. All you have to do is create awareness of all the Pakistanis in your heart. It is your responsibility to take care of your country’s reputation. By proving you are honest, loyal and trustworthy, you can change people’s way of thinking about Pakistan. If you make excuses as if you can not work because there is no electricity in Pakistan, you are doing nothing but telling you that you do not have to hire a Pakistani because of power problems. You are not to impose it on all other Pakistanis, but to act honestly and blame you. You have to make a good image of Pakistan.

Now we are all ready to start freelance. In the next chapter we will start by creating freelance profiles on onUpwork.

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